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Meta Description Magic: Think Less about SEO More about Click-Throughs.
Regardless of whether they count for rankings, the top SEO blogs suggest using meta descriptions. In the Learn SEO series, SEOmoz says. Meta description tags, while not important to search engine rankings, are extremely important in gaining user click-through from search engine result pages SERPs.
Meta Description Definition SEO Glossary Searchmetrics.
If, today, a person or company calling themselves a search engine optimizer still offers the optimization of meta descriptions amongst their services, and treats this as an important ranking criteria, they are simply wrong and charging for something that fails to add quality. So does the meta description still fulfill a purpose for SEO?
Meta description handleiding voor betere omschrijvingen Webvalue.
Wat is een meta description en hoe schrijf je er een? Waarom zijn ze zo belangrijk voor SEO? Lees verder en leer alles over deze meta tag en bekijk de voorbeelden van goede en slechte meta descriptions. De meta description is een code die op een website staat die samenvat waar de website over gaat.
Title Description Pixel Checker: Preview Google Title Description.
B2B Search Engine Optimization Ranking high in Google requires both onsite and off optimization. B2B SEO Technical Audit An in-depth technical analysis is part of a successful SEO strategy. Paid Media Online advertising in search, display and remarketing generates a steady flow of pipeline leads. Account-Based Marketing A better way for B2B enterprises with long sales cycles to laser-focus their resources. Content Audit When you need to know what is and isnt working. B2B Content Marketing Adding value: content is what your prospects are actually searching for. B2B Usability User Testing Learn how site visitors interact with your site. Social Media Marketing Multiply your ROI in social media marketing with our tactics. Building Link Popularity Measures of what really matters to search engines authority links. Pricing Outsourcing brings the best talent! Tools and Blog. TOOLS From tracking conversions to seeing what Google sees, expand your knowledge and grow your results. TRY OUR MARKETING TOOLS. Google Meta Description Tester. Find Keywords on Any Page. Search Engine Simulator. Create Campaign Tracking URLs. Calculate Return on Ad Spend. Convert to Plain Text.
15 Meta Description Examples, Plus How to Write a Perfect Description.
Meta descriptions might not directly contribute to how Google ranks your web pages, but they certainly do help entice people to click your links. So nailing your meta descriptions should still be a priority when optimizing the SEO for your site. And when you can, try and stick to the 160 character limit. But thats not to say you should be spending all your time optimizing meta description.
Title Description Pixel Checker: Preview Google Title Description. Title Description Pixel Checker: Preview Google Title Description.
Lead Generation Articles. Site Review Articles. SEO Content Articles. Test Page Title Meta Description Visibility. Get creative the page title that appears in search engines is like an advertisement for the page. Use this free Google SERP snippet preview tool as a guide when creating and optimizing your Title and Meta descriptions. GENERATE PREVIEW GO. Your results will display here. Write or Edit your Title and Meta Description. Preview tool updates as you type. Page title is 0 pixels long. PDF title is 0 pixels long. Meta description is 0 pixels long. Select Words to Bold in the Meta Description separated with spaces. Use this preview tool as a guide. Titles and descriptions are no longer a fixed length and they vary between desktop and mobile. Awesome Free Tool to Test Your Title Meta Description Tags for Google Search. Click To Tweet. How useful was our tool? Click on a star below to rate our tool out of 5 stars. Average rating 4.5 / 5. Vote count: 376. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this tool. Title Snippet Displayed In Google Your Results May Vary. Important Notes on Using this Title Description Checker.
Meta Tags Preview, Edit and Generate.
Instead modern SEO strategies focus on ranking highly in Google with high quality content and are supplemented with meta tag tweaks. Once you start ranking it's' important that people actually click on your site which is where other parts of meta tag data plays an important role especially the meta image and meta description read more below. A title tag is the second most important factor for on-page SEO, only trailing high quality content. In technical terms it is a very simple html code tag titleTitle/title which you place at the very top of your webpage.
SEO Best Practices: How to Create Awesome Meta Descriptions.
What Is a Meta Description? Quite simply, the meta description is a meta tag that provides a description of what the page is about. This meta description is displayed in the SERPs underneath the title of the page. Why Are Meta Descriptions Important for SEO?

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